About Morgan Leahy

Morgan Leahy invests capital in commercial property, private equity investments, through his experienced and skillful acquisitions and dispositions management team.

He is solidly connected to his market and has, for over 15 years, demonstrated an instinctive and authoritative ability to forecast, with accuracy, this ever-changing market and skillfully act towards favourably exploiting clearly emerging trends and opportunities.

Morgan Leahy also advises and co-invests with clients towards mutually beneficial commercial property investments.

Morgan Leahy’s Investment Philosophy
Know when to get in.
Know when to get out.
Never fail to make a profit.

A brief profile

Morgan Leahy has, with many successful projects, demonstrated just why he is considered to be a leading Irish property investment professional.

He has worked in the property industry for 15 years and in that time created and managed a stream of successful property developments, in the commercial and retail sectors, through his property development company – Morgan Leahy Property Investment Group – of which he is founder and chairman. He is a master at identifying solid property opportunities and understanding the dynamics that drive the market. Morgan has considerable knowledge and experience of successful property investments in Portugal, United Kingdom and France.

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